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Vogue Crown

Body Loose Bundles

Body Loose Bundles

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Our clients are so in love with these bundles. It’s from our “Luxury Indian Virgin” Collection.

Client achieved this look with 3 bundles 22”, 24”, 26” Body Loose Bundle. She has a leave-out.

Care Instructions

1) Always comb hair starting from bottom wih wide tooth comb.

2) Wash hair in warm water with a moisturizing shampoo (Argan oil preferably)

3) Condition hair with a moisturizing conditioner.

4) Rinse thoroughly

5) Hang hair on hanger and allow it to air dry

6) Before bed, braid into sections or wrap nwatly in a silk scarf or bonnet

With proper care, this hair is ecpected to last for 3 years.

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